Infrastructure and Transportation
The first of several pilot wayfinding signs are now in place along Fairway Drive just off of Highway 89 in Tahoe City. These are being built as part of the new North Tahoe Fire Station project. Others have been located by the Tahoe City Public Utility District along the North Shore bike trails. Soon there will be additional signage reflecting the same design near the Tahoe City Transit Center.

The Placer County Board of Supervisors will consider giving final approval of TOT funding to keep the Squaw Valley bike trail clear of snow this winter. In the mean time the bike trails, although not officially open, are being used by many people for walking, running, and riding. These are just a few examples of NLTRA supported projects that add to the enjoyment of visitors and residents alike.

Andy Chapman, Chief of Marketing for the North Lake Tahoe Chamber/CVB/Resort Association,  is continuing to work on the lodging barometer a tool to help us forecast the amount of visitors who stay in North Lake Tahoe each weekend.  

Conference Sales:
Jason Neary, Director of Sales for the North Lake Tahoe Chamber CVB/Resort Association will be attending several conferences including the North California Chapter of Meeting Professionals International and Smart Mart.  While at these conferences, he will be developing leads for potenital convention business at North Lake Tahoe.  

Leisure Sales:

Jeremy Jacobson, North Lake Tahoe Chamber CVB/Resort Association Leisure Sales Manager, continues to plan pre-familiarization visit itineraries for April’s Mountain Travel Symposium that is being hosted in North Lake Tahoe.  Jeremy is also working with the MTS subcommittees on putting together the event details for the mountain industry conference.  Jeremy is finalizing itineraries for January’s media visits from Australia, the UK and Germany and is beginning spring, summer and fall 2012 sales mission and consumer show travel planning with partners.

Special Projects:
Judy Laverty-Capach, Special Projects Manager for the North Lake Tahoe Chamber CVB/Resort Association, is pleased to announce North Lake Tahoe has again been awarded the very prestigious meeting called Mountain Travel Symposium scheduled for April 15-212012, headquartered in Squaw Valley.  The last time we were honored with this conference was April 2006 and the attendees still “buzz” about the wonderful experience they had here.

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